Baccarat card game by Globalslots developers.

Card games is an integral part of any casino, they are one of the most popular game genres along with a roulette and classic gambling slot machines. One of these games is the Baccarat card game.

In Globalslots game store, Baccarat has standard rules. The game has six 52-card decks. Aces score 1 point, paints and tens score 0. Other cards score according to their nominal. When summing up points on several cards, tens (points) are dropped out. Maximum possible sum is 9, the minimum is 0. The player wins if bets on the dealer, on himself or on a draw, not due to the direct win in the game. There can be several bets, they can have different sizes.

Then the player and the dealer each get two cards, all cards are laid “open”. In some cases one more card can be added to any of these pairs, as ultimately each of the parties has either two, or three cards. The winning party is that having the largest sum of points. The player receives a win in the ratio of 1:1 if bets on himself, 95:100 if bets on the dealer, and 8:1 if bets on a draw

  • Classic Baccarat rules
  • 6 decks 52 cards in each